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We are a textile waste management company providing you access to the fun & green way to deal with your textile and fabric waste.


Our Story

Previously known as the 1997 Thrift Store, ELNAK Recycle was founded with a revolutionary spirit and unconventional objective; To help textile centered businesses and middle to upper income households in Africa incorporate sustainable practices in textile waste management, with the journey beginning in Ghana, all while promoting minimalism, essentialism and a closed fashion economy.

In 2020, founder, model and engineer, Emma Forson, embarked on a one year journey with the Ashesi Venture Incubator where she researched into the fashion industry in Ghana to find that there was practically no textile waste management facility in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

With the surge in textile waste pollution primarily caused by increased imports of secondhand clothes and overconsumption within the industry, our people are bound to suffer even more. ELNAK was thus birthed and incorporated in 2021, then the great journey began by the third quarter.

By mid-2022, we had collected over 5000 pounds of textile waste to be repurposed, donated over 800 pounds of clothes in good condition, received positive reviews from our decluttering services, partnered with 6 fashion houses and collaborated with three feature artists to upcycle our collectibles. We have also provided employment to 4 Kayayo women.

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To be the Global Standard of textile management, where there is employee equity, and social consciousness.


To establish a circular textile industry in Africa where all textile waste is refurbished and repurposed to save our climate and our people by providing shame-free and sustainable textile waste management practices for businesses and households in Africa through decluttering, reorganizing, upcycling, and recycling.


As our company grows, we have 6 strong values that guide our daily activities and help us achieve our mission. Our culture is IMPACT DRIVEN with AFRICAN PRIDE and as we work for CLIMATE JUSTICE, we encourage ACCOUNTABILITY, DIVERSITY and INCLUSION in a SHAME-FREE environment all while BUILDING SOCIAL VALUE in the fashion industry.

9058 kg

Kilogram of Textile Waste Diverted


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Does ELNAK Recycle other forms of waste?

ELNAK currently recycles only textile items in the form of old clothes and fabric scraps.

Is ELNAK a social enterprise or a for-profit enterprise?

We are a hybrid enterprise. We believe companies must do well while doing good.

Is ELNAK looking for investors?

The vision is beyond one individual. We are open to investors who align with our values and vision. Reach us at elnakrecycles@outlook.com

Does ELNAK work in other parts of Africa besides Ghana?

ELNAK currently operates only in Ghana and is looking to expand to other parts of Africa soon. Let us know if you need our services in your country. Send us an email!

"The ELNAK team were a gift from God. I needed to clear out my rooms and didn't know who to call.
My daughter found them through a referral and I'm glad she did."

~ Mrs. Adi-Dako