“Clearing Out YOur Wardrobe Has Never Been Easier”

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How to Declutter with ElNAK

Step 1: Book a free consultation

Step 2: Fill the form below

Step 3: Our representative ,Alvin, will reach out to you to confirm your schedule details. (do not accept calls from anyone else on our behalf)

Step 4: Time to clean out! We encourage that you have someone on site with us so we can do our job well.

Step 5: In less than 24 hours, relax in your brand new space.

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Why Declutter
With Us?

Very Quick

Get a refreshed space, in less than 24 hrs.


Simply fill the form and book your consultation online and we'll handle the rest..


We get you. We can relate and there's nothing wrong with that. We are here for you.


Your privacy. Our priority.


Elnak is synonymous to your budget


Cleaning out your wardrobe the right way. We recycle, upcycle and donate the textiles you don't want.

How to Recycle with ElNAK

Step 1:
Package, seal and weigh your clean textiles

Step 2:
Visit our website and purchase a collection that suits you

Step 3:
Our third party courier network will collect your old textiles from your front door.

Why Recycle Your
Textiles With Us?

It's convenient

You'll have a positive impact

You'll know exactly how much you contributed to the planet

Nothing will end up in landfill, drainage systems or waterbodies